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If he could, Lex would have spent every waking moment in the fog, with the most perfect child he'd ever seen. Lena was beautiful and intelligent, a true Luthor in all the ways that could be considered positive. But he knew better, he had responsibilities on the island and he didn't want to worry Anatoly so he made himself leave when he absolutely had too. He knew he should probably tell Anatoly about this...but for the moment, he just wanted to keep Lena to himself.

He was spending time in the fog with Lena now, reading together while curled up in a clearing, when another small girl ran up to them. "Hello Lex!" She said brightly, obviously happy to see her.

Lex cocked his head as he looked at her, suddenly recognizing her with a clenched heart. "Ilona? What are you going here?"
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Lex had heard about this cloud first from island rumor, then asking a few who had experienced it themselves. He had wanted to know all about this latest island phenomenon before he experienced it himself. After all, it was very rare that an island occurrence was voluntary. And if anyone knew the dangers of island phenomenon, it was people who had been around the island for a while, like Lex.

He stood just outside a patch of cloud, just staring into it's depths. He was actually genuinely afraid of what he would see if he walked into the cloud. He'd had the visions of white suits and blood raining from the sky. He'd read the books and seen the movies of being the villain of Clark' story. What if that was his true heart's desire? What if that was all a Luthor could ever hope to want? Hope to be. It's what his father had wanted for him after all...But his father had also taught him that Luthor's were not afraid of anything.

Finally, Lex took a breath and started walking into the fog.

His hands were hanging loosely at his sides as he walked and he was startled when suddenly small hands grasped his left hand. He stopped suddenly and looked the most beautiful little girl he'd ever seen, equal perhaps only to Anatoly's daughter.

The little girl had bright red curls that framed her face and bright blue gray that sparkled with restrained humor. It was a very Luthor look framed in a Sergievsky face. Lex knew without a doubt that this was his daughter, his and Anatoly's. He actually felt tears in the corners of his eyes when he realized that he wasn't going to see world domination, red and blue spandex or some symbol of control and power. This little girl was his heart's desire.

"Daddy, why are you crying?" The little girl asked, tugging on his hand for him to come down to her level. Lex obeyed without a thought, kneeling down so they could look eye to eye and he could see her concern for him. "Is everything okay? Can we still go play?"

"Everything is perfect." Lex said as he regained his composure, his eyes never leaving the sight before him. His right hand came around and touched her cheek. "We can go play right now if you like." The smile that earned him almost caused the tears to return, it was so bright and positive. The girl didn't appear to be jaded and guarded, as a true Luthor child would have been by her age. She looked happy.

"Okay! I have a surprise for you!" She tugged on his hand for her to follow him and Lex stood to do so. They walked out to a beach area where it was clear she'd been playing in the sand already. "Look, I wrote my name!" Scrawled in the sand and decorated with shells and debris were the letters L-E-N-A. Lena. His daughter's name was Lena. "Will you come build a sand castle with me daddy?"

Lex answered the only way he could. "Of course. I would absolutely love too."
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When Lex stretched to wake up, he noticed the differences immediately.

In a moment, she was wide awake and and checking herself over, including running her hands through her hair. She couldn't help feeling giddy, thankful that the island finally gave her a break and changed her in a way she could enjoy.

Or at least she hoped. Lex quickly turned over and checked on Anatoly. It would only figure that she would get turned into a woman again and Anatoly would be old or something. But she couldn't help grinning when she found a teenage version of her lover laying next to her. Oh yes, the island was out doing itself.

She curled herself around Anatoly from behind, angling her curves to fit around his leaner frame so she could whisper in his ear, "Wake up, sleepy head. I have a surprise for you."
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When Lex woke up that morning, sprawled out in a bed in the compound, he was at first disoriented. What was he doing here, instead of back in his bed in his hut with Anatoly?

He sat up and looked for his clothes, when all of his memories of the past month crashed down on him. His head fell into his hands as he remembered every insult he'd said and arrogant thing he'd done. What's more, it chilled him to remember that how he'd acted before he'd met Clark. Before he'd a role model on how to act like a normal human being, much less a good one.

The ones the especially hurt were the things he'd said and done to Anatoly. He knew he'd hurt him, every word meant as a weapon. Even not being able to remember, how could he do such a thing? As he sat there on the bed, he contemplated what to do. He wondered if he should even bother going back, as it seemed like no matter what he did, he was destined to hurt the man he loved.

But he remembered a promise he'd made two years ago, about never trying to leave again. So, no matter if he might be thrown out as a result, he steeled him, got dressed, had a cup of a coffee and then made the walk back to the hut he, hopefully, still shared with Anatoly.
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Driving through the depressing little town that was now his prison. Thanks Dad.

Leaning down to answer his cell phone, which had started to ring.

Looking up to see the truck skid and the roll of wire snap off the bed to start right for him.

Swerving out of the way and heading right for the railing of the bridge. And the young man standing there.

Shock of hitting the water and promptly passing out.

This all raced through Lex's head as he awoke with a start. The accident in Smallville was the last thing he how was he waking up in a bed and not in his car in the river? Or waking up at all for that matter. And nowhere he'd ever seen before. His father had made it clear that he wasn't leaving Smallville for the foreseeable future...and this place certainly felt more tropical then ass backward Kansas could ever hope for. Scottish Castle it could pull off but not tropical island.

It was only a moment after waking when Lex realized he wasn't alone. Well, he certainly wasn't going to complain there. The man was a little older then he usually took to bed but he was at least pretty enough to make up for it. The stubble on his cheeks certainly helped. Lex idly wished he could have remembered the night before and how he got here, but this wasn't the first time he'd woken up in a strange place a continent away with no memory of how he got there so he wasn't too worried. Though it did bring a smile to his face. Lionel would be pissed.

Instead, he climbed out of bed (was that a dog curled up on the end?) and moved to find his clothes, wallet and cell phone, hopefully before the sleeping man woke up. He wondered if there was a jewelry store nearby...
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Better late then never right?

Lex is going to go back to the car crash in the first ep of Smallville. So, he's going to be a 21 year old, cocky as fuck, playboy, morally gray and bitter as all hell Lex Luthor for a month. I want him to get in as much trouble as possible. Seriously, fighting, drinking, partying, fucking....everything.

Of course, the worst part is Lex is going to break Anatoly's heart again with all of this so anybody who wants to do something about that, I'm more then happy to accommodate!

I need to talk to Sarah but we will probably private thread July 1st and then I have an EP planned for the second week of July after we've figured out more of the logistics with Toly. I'd love to set up some private threads too, either before or after the EP.

As I'm writing this, I'm realizing this would be a good time for the crushed Porsche to show up. I need to e-mail the mods about this but just something to throw out there!
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When Lex had been out walking Aeneas earlier, he saw someone moving into one of the nearby beach front huts. He'd waved politely, called Aeneas off when he scampered up to say hello to the man and walked on, putting it completely out of his mind except as something he might mention to Anatoly over dinner.

Now he was at home waiting for Anatoly to return, reading a book he thought he might introduce to his humanities class later on in the semester. He realized he could keep the same curriculum semester after semester but that just made it boring for himself. Might as well make the class interesting for both the teacher and the students.

For Anatoly

Aug. 6th, 2011 04:51 pm
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This wasn't he first time that Lex had awoken on the island to realize something was wrong. He laid besides Anatoly for a few moments, taking in everything before opening his eyes and looking around.

A beautiful curly haired woman was laid out beside him and a small smile curled on Lex's lips. He let the Russian sleep for a little longer, since he didn't know what the man's reaction would be to his changed body. But that still didn't tell him what was wrong with himself. A hand passed over his head to check for red hair and was both disappointed and relieved to find none. And it was when he looked down to check for any other changes that he started to peace together why he felt strange.

Carefully, he got out of bed and moved to the mirror they had on one of the dressers in their hut. And stood there staring for a good long time, a hand coming up to touch his face.

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Lex was hungover. Really, really hung over. While he'd been drinking a lot the past few days, it had been nothing compared to last night. Granted, the quality and proof of the alcohol he'd been drinking last night would make everything else look like piss so there was that too.

But while he'd expected to be hungover this morning, what he hadn't expected was where he had woken up. He'd never been in Clark's hut so he hadn't known where he was until he'd gotten up and seen Clark passed out nearby. He woke up his friend and made sure he got some water in him before heading out. While he appreciated Clark's kindness in wanting to give him a place to sleep off his hangover, he knew this wouldn't look good from the point of view of someone who mattered more to Lex then anything, no matter what had happened here or in Moscow.

As he approached the hut, Lex thought that perhaps he should go get some water or food to make him feel better before the enviable confrontation but he knew it would be cowardly to back out now.
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The party for Anatoly's birthday had been planned for that night, as if he'd been expected home. The island had to be behind this, the timing was too perfect and not surprisingly, this thought didn't comfort Lex one bit. There were dignitaries and other important people, anyone who needed to be seen at the celebration for the current country hero, much like the parties he'd had to attend back home so people could be seen with the Luthor heir. It was nothing like the quiet, humble birthday he'd had planned for Anatoly on the island. And at least then, he would have been able to be near the man he loved. Here...he was regulated to watching from a distance.

At least this was better then the small family gathering he'd had to endure before hand. Watching Anatoly with his family and not being allowed to leave the room by the Russian's request had been worse then any torture Lionel had ever devised. Anatoly may not have been the best father or husband but the happiness that radiated off of all of them during that moment of togetherness had just about broken Lex's heart.

So that's what he did, keeping to the walls and watching over Anatoly like the handler he was pretending to be. It was easier to think like a handler then think of anything else, as he was barely keeping it together as it was.

He wondered if Anatoly would even notice if he slipped back to the hotel for the night?
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To put it mildly, today had been a long day and Lex was very thankful to be stumbling home. Once he'd made sure Harris had gotten Helen safely to the clinic and been forced to get checked out himself, he'd slipped away from the chaos as soon as he could. There was nothing he could do here except take up space from someone who needed who'd come from the station after him and the only place he wanted to be now was home with Anatoly.

The only time he paused on his way back to the hut was to witness the space station falling into the ocean. It was a spectacular sight that Lex watched with mixed emotions. The station would have been of so much use to them on the island, he was pointedly not thinking about all the advantages it would have given him at home, and he'd genuinely enjoyed being in a lab again. But the place had also tried to kill him, as these things where want to do, and his closest friend was now fighting for her life because she'd come back to save him from the cyborgs. It was probably for the best that it was now heading for the bottom of the ocean.

Every step he took became hard the closer he got as the adrenaline from fighting for his life began to wear off to the point that he stumbled when he finally got to the door. He had to lean on it for a moment before he could open it, completely bone tired all of a sudden.

For Kon

Jan. 13th, 2011 01:47 am
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Once he'd gotten Clark settled, Lex wanted nothing more then to go home to the comfort Anatoly would provide once he heard Lex's news. Whenever he thought of Clark's return to the island, he'd prepared himself for another disgruntled teenager or the man who would grow up to be Lex's enemy. This new, mature version was almost more then Lex could handle, even if it was a pleasant surprise.

But, there was someone else Lex owed it to to tell about Clark's return. And that's why he was standing in the doorway of Kon's hut, knocking urgently. "Kon? Kon! Are you there?" He called, uncharacteristically loud. "I need to talk to you."
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Lex had recreated the scene as perfectly as he could. The clearing hadn't changed much and the chess set was set exactly in the same place it had two year ago. The only unfortunate change was there was no snow tonight, so the chess pieces didn't sparkle on their stump in the same way. But it was close enough that Lex was rather proud of himself.

He's snuck away, just as he had New Year eve two years ago, and changed into the same military uniform, which had some how been kept. Then he'd taken the chess set and set it out on the same stump in the same clearing. Then finally, he returned to the party for Anatoly, who he hoped would understand his gesture.

"Tolya...Merry Christmas." He said softly into his ear as he wrapped his arms around Anatoly's waist.
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Dated October 31st

While on the way to the compound, Lex gets stuck in a nightmare of of his future. Kon unknowingly joins him and they only find a way to escape when they're dueling images of Clark Kent turn on each other.

Yeah, what makes you different then me other then a love for spandex and a dead beat kid with your worst enemy? )

For Kon

Nov. 13th, 2010 08:50 pm
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Tonight was Superhero theme night at the club. Lex was less then thrilled about this but Helen was his friend so he'd work with it. But so help anyone if they dressed as him...

He'd dressed as the Gene Hackman version of himself for movie night and he wasn't about to dress as the comics version, who had made his life hell at times on the island as he paid for his misdeeds. But there was someone else from the comics who would amuse him to dress as but first he needed to get permission from someone.

So here he was, holding the Superman costume in his hand as he knocked on Kon's door. "Kon? Are you here?"
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Totally forgetting what he'd been heading to the Compound for, Lex could only think to return to the hut after assuring Kon that he was fine. Or at least, outwardly he made it look like he was fine so the teenager would leave him alone so he could fall apart in peace. Even knowing it was an island trick, he couldn't get the thought of Clark dead in his grieving mother's arms with his blood on Lex's own hands.

He walked into the hut and didn't even look to see if Anatoly was there or not before sending everything on the dresser and center table to the floor with a sweep of his arms and a frustrated cry. He leaned against the now clear dresser, breathing heavily as he started to shake with fear and frustration from being unable to shake said fear.

For Cissie

Sep. 18th, 2010 10:03 pm
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It was a nice peaceful day, of the kind Lex hadn't seen for a while. Ever since he'd moved back with Anatoly, if felt like he hadn't had any down time to himself. Of course, most of his time had been spent with his grandmaster and he wouldn't change that for a moment, but a part of him did miss being on his own.

Today, Anatoly was playing chess up at the compound and Lex had nothing to do. No class, no work, just time to himself. So he settled outside the hut under a near by tree to read and relax. Aeneas was with him, curled up sleeping at his side as he was half way through Wuthering Height. The doomed romance often reminded him of him and Clark, though that wasn't something he really want to think about. Still, he wasn't about to let a book beat him, so he kept reading, determined to finish it.